How to make intentional groups in Zoom, quickly

If you use Zoom with your students keep reading.  If you use, or want to use breakout rooms with your students in Zoom, this post is for you.  This works best if your students login to Zoom using their school accounts. It can also work if they created personal Zoom accounts.  For safety, your best bet is requiring students to login to Zoom with their school accounts. The second best option is to require them to create Zoom accounts using a personal email and then you use a form to collect those email addresses. Either way you should know the email address of anyone you are expecting to join your class Zoom session. (See #1 in the screen shot.) The Fun Part: Breakout Rooms Zomming with 36 students is nice for direct instruction, but for actual conversation and collaboration, break out rooms are essential.  In my classroom, I almost never group students randomly, but the prospect of having to click 36 different check boxes to assign students to groups intentionally was daunting and time

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