I got in to the Google Teacher Academy!

So this is an interesting experience and I feel really lucky to be having it.  This morning, three days early, I got an email telling me that I was accepted to the GTA. I was in public, checking my son in for a cool summer session about inventions and I had to contain myself so as not to embarrass him. Also I was about 40 minutes late. Our drive to the school and the paperwork process had kept me from checking e-mail sooner. (Confession: I sometimes even go several hours without checking email. That's over.)

By the time I got to twitter I was already 50 minutes behind. I announced my fabulous good fortune with this tweet. (It's important to word these things carefully.)

 I also might have mentioned it on my Facebook page. Congratulations rolled in. There were suddenly all these new fellow soon to be GCT's to follow and talk to on Twitter. And then the organization began. Alice booked a block of hotel rooms and posted a spreadsheet to organize roommates. Robert started a doc for us all to add a bio to. Several of us, Aaron and I that I know of, started Twitter lists of GCT's both current and forth coming.

It makes me wonder if it isn't part of some larger social experiment. Take a bunch of smart people who know their tech and see how fast they can coordinate a trip to Seattle. Could make a good reality TV show. To add challenge perhaps the next GCT should be in a third world country. (Is that PC? Can I still use that idiom?)

But we haven't all found each other yet.  There is no master list of who got in. (Well there is, but we don't have it.) We can only go by those who announce on Twitter or use the #gtawa hash tag (And some of the people using that are not attendees, but current GCT's sending us congratulations.) Only ten people so far have added their bio to the page Robert made. Aaron's GCT Twitter list only has twenty people. There are 30 other prospective GCT's out there.

So, I offer you a scavenger hunt to find them. Check Twitter, search Facebook, look at your Linked In updates (note to self, update linked in profile.) heck, look at MySpace if you're into that. There are Nings, there are Google groups, there are tech forums. Leave NO social network unturned. No one should arrive in Seattle out of the loop. Over and out.