Zooming With A Virtual Classroom Background

A few days ago I posted a picture of my classroom on Twitter and suggested teachers take pictures of their own classrooms to use as a virtual background on Zoom. That tweet has turned out to be very popular, so here is a little more info.

To add a virtual background on Zoom you will need to go into your settings in the zoom app. I find it easiest to do this if I launch a meeting and click the arrow next to the camera icon. One of the options is to add a virtual background. It remembers the backgrounds you add and you can have more than one. There are much more specific directions from Zoom here.

Note that the full image, and what shows up on Zoom are slightly different. Zoom trims all the edges.

The Gear:
Virtual backgrounds work much better if you have a green screen. I happened to have one already and I was glad I had thought to bring it home from my classroom. I have this one. (Affiliate link) It works great. Right now I'm using some big binder clips to hang it from the shelves…

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