Formative is the formative assessment tool you crave

Formative assessment is critical to good teaching. Digital tools give us new, faster, ways to see what our students know and are able to do. Some of those tools are more trouble than they are worth, but Formative is fabulous.

I'm an English teacher, so the major way I use Formative is with readings of articles and short stories. Within a few minutes I can upload a text, add my questions, and assign it to a class. Then, in just a few moments, my students can sign in with their district Google accounts, access their reading and get started. The beautiful part is that I see their responses in real time. For multiple choice questions I know right away if the student was correct or not. For short answer questions I can watch the answers come in, send feedback, and watch students revise. It's amazing. Below is a time lapse video I made of the process.

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