Five reasons you should save digital student work

I'm a big fan of cleaning out, decluttering, and yes, even folding certain items of clothing in a very particular way, but I save student work, especially when it is digital.

My classroom went 1:1 in 2008 and yes, I have student work going back that far. Just diving into my drive and looking at their names in that old folder makes me smile. When a former student comes back to visit, I search up their name in my drive and we reminisce together about the year they were with me in 11th or 9th grade.

I know not everyone agrees. Some see old student work as clutter. My friend Alice Keeler, whom I have great respect for, tweeted recently that you should return student work in Google Classroom and then delete it from your drive. I disagreed and she responded, "I didn't save it on paper, why save it digitally?" I pushed back on that on Twitter and I want to expand on it here. Not because I need to win an argument with Alice, if deleting student work makes her process easier…

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