NBCT Component 3: Tips for Video with Teenagers

I finished component three of my National Boards portfolio in May and it nearly finished me. This was the tough one, two videos of me teaching, using different instructional formats and the focus is student engagement.

Video in the classroom always adds some additional layers of complication, so practice is key. In the fall of 2017 I had a fabulous student teacher, who needed to record lots of video for her student teaching portfolio. I knew I would need to record video for my NBCT portfolio as well, so together we set out to get our students comfortable with that process, along with all of the actual teaching and learning we were focused on. Of course, we began by sending home and getting back all the required release forms. Don't skip that step.

We each had a few students who could not be recorded either by preference or for legal reasons. We had private conversations with those students about where they would sit and/or go when the camera was on.

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