Photos For Class: Attributed Images Students Can Use

In a digital age classroom students should be using images in their projects, but in my conversations with teachers I find many are not knowledgeable about the rules around copyright, fair-use, and creative commons licensed images.

Despite the allowances for fair-use of copyrighted works for educational purposes, teachers and students should avoid using copyrighted images because student work shouldn't be restricted to only the teacher's eyes and only published in the classroom. Our students can, and should be sharing their work in more public online spaces, with affordances for age appropriate privacy protections. Once their work goes online fair-use no longer applies, so published digital projects should be copyright free.

The tool that helps my students is (It's free)

Drawing from creative commons licensed images, and filtered so that images are (almost always) appropriate for school, Photos For Class gives my students access to beautiful images the…

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