Slip Ups with Google Classroom: The Triple Fail

My student teacher used Google Classroom to distribute a document to her students. I didn't know she was planning to use this method; we don't use it that often, but I was proud of her for taking the initiative and doing it on her own. What followed was a case study in trial and error with tech challenges. We learned in the process and our students were really patient while we figured it out. I'm writing this because I think others may learn from slip-ups. (Banana pun intended.)

Students first navigated to Google Classroom and found the assignment at the top of the stream, but they got an error message when they tried to access the document. She made it using her university account, and even though she shared it with her district account, the university account still "owned" the document. Our students can only access docs owned by other accounts in our district, so they couldn't see the doc she sent.

No problem. She quickly made a copy of the doc using her di…

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