Book Check Out Form: My classroom library solution

I love teaching with technology, but as an English teacher I also love books. Seeing my students read, get hooked on reading, and grow as readers are among my greatest joys as an educator. Maintaining a large and diverse classroom library is a huge part of making my students into life long readers. Loosing books is an inevitable part of working with kids and books. Recently I heard Penny Kittle say, "If you aren't loosing 15% of your classroom library every year than you probably don't have the right books in it." (She attributed it to someone else but I can't recall who.)

I teach 9th graders. I want them to read daily, try on a book before they borrow it, and have as many books out at a time as they need. I used to use a clipboard with a log. Students wrote down the title, author and date they borrowed the book. When they returned it they added the date returned. But often there was a line of 5-6 students waiting to write on the log, and many more just gave up …

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