Get More Internet: Bandwidth for Virtual Teaching and Learning

We are about to go back to school and most of us are about to do that in virtual teaching modules. (It's the 5th month of pandemic 'quarantine' for those keeping track.) Unlike the spring, my district, and state are pushing for a much larger number of live teaching minutes. For most of us, teachers and students, this means many more hours a day in virtual meetings, mostly via Zoom or Google Meet. 
Everyone is operating with the assumption that this technology is just going to work, that all kids and teachers will be able to get and stay online in video calls for several hours a day. We are even starting to see rules posted that students “must be on camera” during class. We are assuming that we can use these calls as proxies for attendance. I even heard a principal say to mark a student tardy if they leave the call early. It’s not that easy. 
I’m not talking about the social and emotional challenges of being online. There are other excellent posts about that. See "Camera…

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