Dyslexia Resources for Students and Their Teachers

As an English teacher, I know some of my students have struggles with reading that go beyond whether or not they have found a book they like yet. I'm not an expert on dyslexia, but I have been paying attention to information about it in hopes of supporting more of my students better. This morning I saw Pernille Ripp, an educator I have long admired, tweet about a recent diagnosis in her family. By then, many others had replied with suggestions, but I realized I had a few resources no one else had offered. I tweeted them to her of course, then thought perhaps a post might be helpful to other teachers too.

1. The California Dyslexia Guidelines: You do not have to live in California to find this incredible resource helpful. As stated by Tom Torlakson in his introduction, "The purpose of these guidelines is to assist regular education teachers, special education teachers, and parents in identifying, assessing, and supporting students with dyslexia." This free PDF put out by …

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