How do I grade when the work is digital? 5 Tips to get moving

One of our biggest responsibilities as teachers, one of the most time consuming ones anyway, is giving feedback to our students. As a writing teacher I spend a lot of time giving direct feedback in class, and also digitally on my students' Google Docs. If you are just getting started with devices for your students, you may be worried about giving feedback digitally when you are used to being able to write directly on student papers. At first this digital transition will make it more time consuming for you to give students feedback, and then it will get faster, as you get the hang of it.

I like metaphors, so try this one. When a baby is an expert crawler he/she can move pretty fast. When he/she makes the transition to walking the movement is less efficient and the child moves slower, often even dropping to the floor to crawl when walking feels too slow. But over a few months the baby learns to walk well and then run. This is what digital feedback feels like for teachers, slower at…

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