Supporting Independent Reading in a 9th Grade English Class

About 24 hours ago I wrote a tweet about why I don't use reading logs with my students.
"Reading logs are worthless. I asked my 9th graders how many of them had ever had a parent sign a reading log that both of them knew was a total lie. Every hand went up and they laughed. I won't waste paper on reading logs." -@JenRoberts1

This got a lot of likes and retweets because it seems a lot of EduTwitter agrees, but it also prompted a lot of discussion about what to do instead. (Do we have to do anything instead?)

I think the "what to do instead?" question comes from the assumption that there needs to be some accountability for reading, that if we, as teachers, aren't checking, then students won't be doing any reading. What implicit message does that send to our students? That reading is so awful we assume they are not doing any unless we hold them accountable?

My amazing PLC team has a lot of conversations about this, the tension between wanting to build …

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