Self-Evaluation Google Form for Students

Today my students self-scored their memoirs and reflected on their writing. They used a Google Form to do this and that has provided me with some invaluable data, while providing them with a chance to answer specific questions about their progress (or lack of progress) and learning. For those of you who like research, check out what John Hattie has to say about the impact of students grading their own work. In 2009 he found the impact factor of that to be 1.44. He revised it in 2015 to 1.33, but that's still a huge impact from a simple activity that all students can engage with.

The form I made for my students self-evaluation branched, that is to say there was a question on the first page that asked if their memoir was complete, almost complete, or would be complete by Friday. Based on their answers to this first question students answered different sets of questions on their next page. If a student said his/her memoir was complete the form had questions like, "What do you l…

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