A Triple #EduWin Week: Voice Comments, iPad Prize and Video Finalist

It has been an amazing week for me in ed tech and I wanted to share some of that awesome. Many of you have been along for the ride via Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. I appreciate all the support and fun. Here's a recap.

On Monday afternoon I was skimming Twitter at lunch when I saw something about adding voice comments to a Google Doc. Excited I found out more, experimented with it a bit, and then produced this short tutorial video about how to do it. Within 24 hours almost 1,000 people had watched it, as I write this the views are over 3,500 which boggles my mind. This morning my friend Catlin Tucker tweeted her great post about voice comments with step by step screen shots, which might be more helpful for some people.

Later Monday afternoon, I participated in a Twitter chat sponsored by WeAreTeachers about paperless classrooms. I shared photos and videos of my paperless classroom, as well as strategies I use to reduce and recycle resources. At the conclusion of the chat I was amazed to be selected the winner of a new iPad! Most Twitter chats, don't come with prizes and this was new for me, but very exciting. You should check out their site because they do have great resources an a wonderful page about grants and contests.

Thursday morning I got to do a Google Hangout with some teachers who are also using voice comments. We talked about challenges related to giving students writing feedback and possibilities for using voice commenting tools beyond just feedback. This Google Hangout was live and you can watch the recorded version on YouTube here.

Thursday afternoon I got the word that I was a finalist in a video contest about technology in the classroom put on by the University of San Diego Department of Teaching and Learning. The winning video will be determined by the number of "likes" each video gets on the department Facebook page. if you are a regular reader of this blog, or if you have gotten any use at all out of anything I have shared ever (including the video above) I would really appreciate your "like" on my video.
  1. Visit facebook.com/solesteach
  2. Scroll down to Video Finalist #5: Jen Roberts'Classroom in the Cloud, and click the "like" button under my video. 
  3. Watching the video is also fabulous and comments are welcome. Several people have asked about sharing the video further with their own staffs and I fully approve that plan.
(I will embed the video here after the contest, but for now please go watch it and like it on the FB page.)

This weekend it is back to reality.  I have grades due next week, so I will spend the weekend reading student essays in Google Docs while making voice comments on many of course, reviewing student book reviews in GoodReads and preparing mini-lesson for our expert project research days next week. In other words, pretty much everything I said I do in my Classroom in the Cloud Video.