Cool Timer Trick: Add a link to a timer to anything

You may know that you can type [set timer 5 minutes] in to a Google search and you will get a timer. It looks like this, and it's a great way to set a timer for your students.

The cool trick is what you can do with the crazy long URL that comes up when you do the search.  It looks like this, and no one wants to see that. But, you can do some interesting things with it.
You can make is a nice looking link like,  FIVE MINUTE TIMER
You could put that kind of link into a presentation. I tried it and it works. 

Try it yourself:
  1. Type [set a timer for 20 minutes] into Google.
  2. When your timer comes up copy the long URL from the address bar.
  3. Type "20 Minute Timer" on to a webpage, presentation etc and make it a link to that long URL you just copied. 
  4. Slam!