September 11, QR Code Museum

To say that the events of September 11, 2001 have had a tremendous impact on our century would be an understatement. Every adult who remembers that day knows this, but our students don't. Talking to children about that day is still hard for me and I imagine it is for other adults in their lives as well. How much should we tell them? How do we explain those horrific events and their impact? Though each of us can share our own personal experience of that day, few of us are equipped to really teach students what happened in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

In 2011, as we marked ten years since the attacks, I created a collection of resources about September 11th. I generated a QR code for each resource and posted them on a wall outside my classroom. I shared the page of QR codes on several teacher sites, but I never actually blogged about it here.

As all things internet do, the links went bad over time. Today I cleaned it up. Most of the resources still exist, but their links had changed ever so slightly. A few are gone and I replaced them with others. (Note: I teach at a high school. Some of these links might be too much for younger students to process.)

Keeping this current will be an ongoing challenge and I know there are helpful resources I have missed. Feel free to add a comment about what you think I should include in the next version.

I'm sharing this resource as a "view only" Google Doc. You can use File>Make a copy to get your own version if you need to make edits for your students. SEPTEMBER 11th QR CODE MUSEUM

Feedback is appreciated, but I just spent over an hour getting this resource updated and in a fit state to share with you all, so if you find something wrong, say it gently.