Curriculum Planner Spreadsheet for Secondary Teachers: You can have a copy

I'm a big fan of teacher collaboration. (I wasn't always, but that's another post.) My team has been collaborating together, in various combinations, since 2011. At first we organized each unit in an excel sheet in a shared dropbox folder. Now we mostly use a Google Drive folder and instead of a separate spreadsheet for each unit, we have combined them all into one year long planning sheet.

Each year we make a copy of this living document and start changing. It's messy. It contains some legacy stuff we don't really use. It's incomplete sometimes, but it gives us a starting point for our conversations. It holds our end of unit reflections about what did or did not work well for our students last year. It keeps us from getting blindsided by events we know happen annually, but never seem to get enough notice about. 

If you are looking for a way to get yourself or your team more organized. If someone has said you need a year long planning doc and you're not sure what that should look like. If you just love spreadsheets...then you can have a copy of our planning template

If you are a little worried about using a spreadsheet because you had a bad experience with fancy software before, let me reassure you. Google Sheets are really easy to use compared to other spreadsheet programs. On this one, all you need to do is type, or copy/paste the information you want into the box you want it in. It's just a big table to make it easy to stay organized. 

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Technical difficulties accessing the spreadsheet link above?

  • Click the blue button that says "use template" after you click the sheet link
  • If that's not working try logging in with a different Google account. Some school IT administrators set it up so that you can't access docs shared from outside the domain. (This is really dumb, but it happens.) Using a personal gmail account to sign in will probably give you access to the doc.