Revising From an AI Created Essay Draft: An end run around potential unethical behavior

I just finished packing up my classroom for the 23-24 school year; my 28th year as an English teacher. What a ride it has been. I'm not retiring, I just mean this last school year has been quite a ride. In 22-23 ChatGPT became a thing and students started to try using it. I started to try to guide them in ways to use it better. You can find previous posts about lessons for introducing AI and strategies for promoting academic honesty elsewhere on this blog.  Ideogram: A high school English classroom of seniors 23-24 though, was the year we all took more than just a few cautious steps. A new group of students meant I had to start over with my campaign to convince them I can tell when they use AI instead of doing their own writing. Teenagers are natural risk takers, and that is generally a good thing, but it also means a few of them will take a risk and try using AI to cheat. Eventually, they believe me that they will probably be caught. I overheard one of my seniors tell a student

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