Tech Tips Email Newsletter: How to start your own

In the fall of 2019, (pre-pandemic, remember those days?) I started an email newsletter about tech tips just for my colleagues. My thinking was that I could share helpful info and support my colleagues with tech integration. I'm not a tech coach at the moment. (I teach English.) But I have a strong interest and advocacy for technology integration. (I co-wrote a book about teaching with 1:1 pedagogy.) My colleagues regularly come to me with their ed-tech questions, and I really like helping them. I wanted a way to spread that a little further.

Why I chose Email: 
I've seen lots of tech coaches talking about setting up webpages of resources for their staffs. That's nice, but it requires people to go get the info, (of course they bookmarked that link right?) They need to know what they are looking for, and you have to keep it all current and applicable. To me, a massive list of links, or even pretty buttons, seems unhelpful to our least tech savvy colleagues. What they can do…

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