So...About this new social media landscape

Well this is fascinating. Billionaire buys my favorite bird app and flies it straight toward the ground. So I get curious about other options. I've found a few. I posted a list of new handles on Facebook and a friend asked for more information about them, so here is a rundown of what I'm looking at. I'm listing them from most developed to least developed.  Note: All of this is based on my impressions as a user of these platforms for 1-3 days. I fully admit I do not know much yet, but in some cases there isn't that much to know.  Mastodon: You've probably heard about this one and been curious. Mastodon is like if Twitter and Discord  had a baby. It's open source and distributed. There are separate 'servers,' and you join one of those. If you don't like the server you join, you can 'migrate.' Those servers connect to each other as a 'federated' group. You can follow people on other servers, if you can find them. The web app is the easi

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