11 Things I Wish Ed Tech Developers Knew

I've been teaching with 1:1 laptops for my students since 2008. In the past eleven years I've seen and/or tried hundreds of apps, tools, sites, and workflows with my students. I co-wrote a book about teaching with 1:1 for teachers who are new to the experience, Power Up: Making the Shift to 1:1 Teaching and Learning. And I teach a graduate course for new teachers called Learning and Technology, where we investigate, and learn about dozens of ed tech tools and pedagogies each semester. I know a thing or two about educational technology applications and how they help or hinder student learning experiences.

I've also met a lot of amazing ed tech developers at ISTE, CUE, and even Edcamps. I've given feedback, advice, and beta tested new apps. I've never met an app I didn't have a feature request for, and I've advised them about everything from UX to some particulars of California ed code. I've met all their community managers and served on advisory boards.…

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