Stickers, why didn't I think of that?

The best thing I did at the beginning of this school year was make stickers, ok labels. I gave every student a label printed with the name of the course, my name, the class blog address, my e-mail addresses and my phone number. It was a very simple thing that seems to have made a big difference.

Tips if you want to try it:

  1. Use the labels that come 10 to a sheet. They are about 2" by 4".
  2. Find the label template in your word processor. (This is the trickiest part.)
  3. Make one label and copy and paste into the other sections.
  4. If you teach more than one course use "find and replace" to quickly change the course name on all ten labels. I also used it to change the blog address.
  5. Before you print, be sure to go into the printer properties and change paper type to labels. This vastly improved the quality of my labels. Not sure why it matters, but it does.
  6. Distribute to students to stick in a useful place (planner, binder etc.) and keep extras for new students who join you mid year.