Google Teacher Academy Update

Attribution Some rights reserved by Garrett Johnson
It's now been about four days since we were all emailed the news that we were accepted to the Google Teacher Academy or GTAWA as we call it most of the time.

Flights are booked, hotel rooms are reserved and Gwyneth found us a spot for a happy hour. Our bio page (Thanks Rob) is now up to 30 people.

Wednesday seemed to be the day for press releases. I know of three that went out including my own. One of them said that there were over 4000 applicants. That number didn't jive with my own searches on You-Tube, which turned up 100-400 videos depending on the search terms and filters I used. At the top end I highly doubt there were more than 500 applicants, but that still makes it quite amazing to be selected.

Wednesday was also the day that Google+ reached my radar. In case you've been living under a rock Google+ is a new social networking tool from Google. I'm on it (Thanks Sean), but I haven't played with it enough to really get it.  I like the potential, but it is hard to see how well it will work when the trial is still limited. Invites aren't really available at the moment, but there is a loophole that allows a G+ user to send an update to someone by email. The recipient can click "learn more" in the email and get access to Google+. I've seen those directions posted on several blogs and an official Google blog, so it must be a loophole they've left open for a reason.

I think many of us would have made an effort to get into Google+ early anyway, but GTAWA has definitely given that some extra incentive.