Digital Progression

Yesterday we began reading "The Scarlet Ibis". As I was getting ready to pass out the soft sided readers with the story, I suggested the kids google it and see if it was already on line. It was, and almost all opted to read it there rather than carry around another book.

We proceeded, but we quickly reached a point where we wanted to annotate something in the text. I suggested moving it via copy paste into a google doc. That worked fine. We continued reading, but the students could only see the annotations on the screen up front, as they were still reading the original online version. So, I went to my docs list and dragged the file with the story into the view only folder I already have shared with my students. Most of them opted to open that.

In one period we went from a hard copy to a digital copy to a shared copy. The truth is I probably should have figured all that out before class, but in hindsight I think it was really good modeling that my students saw (and participated in) the transformation process. The moves were fluid, took very little class time, and each represented a big improvement in our workflow.

Modeling these ah-ha moments for kids with technology teaches them to question the tools they are using and wonder, is there a more effective way to do this?