Why is this Twitter chat so compelling?

I should be writing. I should be grading. I should be folding three loads of laundry. But, I'm not doing any of that. I'm engaged in a Twitter chat.  While watching the stream of responses fly down my screen like a somewhat more legible version of The Matrix, I'm wondering what makes this chat so compelling? Why am I drawn in so far? What makes it hard to leave?

I think there are a number of complex psychological factors here. I'll break them down.

It's fun.  Dozens of other teachers I have never met are all talking about a subject of interest to me.

It's ego boosting. Often I say something in a chat that other people like.  I get the immediate gratification of seeing them respond, retweet, favorite and in may other ways approve of what I tweeted.

It's educational. Many of the questions will push my thinking. Other participants will share resources that I will dig into further.

It's inspiring. I love seeing what other teachers are trying or watching them get excited about something they want to try with their students.