Tech is a Four Letter Word

The word tech has four letters and that has me considering the awesome possibilities of using tech the way we use other four letter words. In some cases substituting tech for the F-word or the S-word results in a whole new meaning for the phrase. Fortunately, tech is not considered a ‘bad’ word yet. Thankfully, we can still say tech in school and professional settings. So I think we all should throw out a tech bomb a little more often. 

Making the swap would let us say things like. “Tech That!”And, “What the tech are you talking about?” When things are going well we can say, "This tech is totally rad."When you can't tell how someone did something amazing try, "Are you teching kidding me?" (Notice that teching is only one ‘a’ off from teaching. Coincidence? I think not.)To congratulate something well done we would have, "You totally teched that.""What the tech is this?" Works when you want to know more about how someone did something. “Who the tech made that decision?” Use that one carefully. "No tech" would be tragic. 
If you are pompous about your skills try saying, "Yeah, I'm totally teched."And when something goes wrong you can just yell "TECH!" And then move on to plan B. 

Now, I know of course that tech is short for technology, but four syllables is too much for our fast paced future age. Ain't nobody got time for that. And tech is much more useful in its four letter capacity. 

I'd also like to point out that we need our existing four letter words, literally. Without the F word our species would cease to exist. And as for the S word, well most of us do that daily. If we didn't we'd get toxic and die. Likewise tech is now also a crucial part of our lives. It deserves curse word status. Done reading this? 

Well tech off then, and go tech yourself.