Teacher Wish List on Amazon: What you need shipped directly to you

We all know there are plenty of things we need for our classrooms that school budgets don't supply. We all know that teachers spend their own money to buy the books and supplies that make learning better for students. As a parent, I get get the paper wishlists from my kids' teachers every year, and I always try to contribute something. But there is effort involved in buying and then delivering the things teachers need, and I thought there might be an easier way for my own classroom.

Enter the Amazon Idea List. Even better than a typical Amazon Wish List, which sends items to my house. My Idea List is set up to ship items directly to me at school. I set up a note with a link on the side of my classroom blog, so that parents (and anyone else who wants to) can see the list of things our classroom needs, buy them, and have them shipped straight to me. This past year parents sent me books, a CASE of Kleenex, headphones, cleaning supplies, and five sets of Google Cardboard viewers. I'm adding a few things to my list to request this year, including this tall bookcase, that would be awesome, because teenagers do not like to get down low to look for books.

If you are about to go back to school, or if you are still enjoying your summer break, I highly recommend creating your own teacher wish list on Amazon. You can share the link directly with parents and items you need get shipped directly to you.

You can find directions here for setting up your own idea list.

Because you asked, here is a link to my list.