Student Created Vision Statements

Your school probably has a vision statement, but do your students have their own? (Cringing that I just wrote a question hook, but oh well.)  I created this lesson for my seniors in the fall of 2021. It worked very well, so I want to offer it to any teacher who can use it. Everything you need to pull off this lesson should be in this blog post.  This lesson was inspired by a parent who wrote a Facebook post with a one-pager she created for her daughter. The post was widely shared and went around the world. The little girl, Ellie, was born with Down Syndrome and has special needs in school. The parent created a page about her daughter's strengths and needs to share with her teachers. You can find her post about that here . At the top of the page was a vision statement about how the parents envisioned their daughter living her life. It was beautiful, heartfelt, realistic, and optimistic.  My first thought was that I wanted to have my students make their own one-pager about themselves

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