The Academic Honesty Unit

Academic honesty, *sigh*. It's always been an issue, but when even more student work became digital, and all of it done at home, there was surely a spike in students not doing their own academic work. I've written before about how teachers can detect plagiarism , but how do we stop it before it even starts? There is no magical answer that will make all of your students academically honest, but it does take more than plagiarism checkers and harsh penalties. Our students need an education about what academic honesty is. Many don't know what is and is not considered cheating. Several years ago my 9th grade team swapped out our normal end of the year unit, and replaced it with a unit about academic honesty. If we are going to hold our students to high academic standards, and expect them to meet those, then we need to educate them about what that means.  Sample section of the survey We began with a survey. Near the end of the school year our students are often surveyed about a v

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