Making Your Own Teacher Toolbox

Over the summer, someone shared a teacher toolbox on Twitter and I went down a rabbit hole learning all about them and how to make them.  I bought a set of labels online, but I decided I didn't like them much and they were challenging to customize, so I made my own one day. And, because I like to share all the good things that come out of my classroom I am sharing my creation with you.  I bought the large box on the right, but the drawers are only 5-6" deep, so I needed another solution for pens and pencils. I already had the box on the right. It was stuffed with a hodgepodge of other things that fit well in the larger box, so reorganization worked in my favor.  The large box I bought is currently only available with a red front edge . (And right now the price is higher than I paid. It might be worth waiting because the price fluctuates a lot on these. $30-$40 is the reasonable range.) There are lots of drawer combinations, though. This one is all bigger drawers , this one is

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