Friday, June 26, 2015

Where's Jen at ISTE 2015?

I woke up way too early and I spent all day on airplanes, but I am in Philadelphia for ISTE 2015. This is some of what my schedule should be. I'm looking forward to meeting many more of my online friends and connecting with educators from around the world. If you are looking for me too then here are some of your best bets for finding me.

I start with Hack Education. This unconference may just be my favorite part of ISTE. This will be my fourth year attending. I have decided to be reasonable with my jet lagged self and not try to be there first thing in the morning, but the wonderful thing about Hack Ed is that the amazing conversations go on all day. Search for #hacked15 for tweets from the sessions. Saturday evening there are several social events I am looking forward to.

I am going to Global Ed Con for the first time. I'm not sure what to expect, but the agenda looks wonderful.

I admit I do love the exhibit hall. That's where I usually see the future first. In the afternoon from 1-3 Diana Neebe and I will be doing some mini-sessions based on our new book, answering questions and meeting people at the Stenhouse booth (#134). At 4:15 we have a BYOD session called Power Up: Top 10 Workshops for 1:1 (#PowerUpEd) and then we get to go to several more social events, including one with our fellow Google Innovators (the new title for Google Certified Teachers.)

Diana and I will be in the Stenhouse booth again from 10-12 this time, still #134. Then I am hoping for some time to hang out in the Bloggers Cafe or pop into a few sessions before more evening social events including the amazing Ed Tech Karaoke party.

We will repeat our BYOD session in the morning at 10:15. We were originally scheduled just for this Wednesday session, but it filled up so fast ISTE asked us to add the Monday session. (If you want to come there is probably still room in the Monday session.) After the session we will be at the Stenhouse booth from noon till 1:00.

On top of all that: 
I want to see some history. Liberty Bell anyone? I want to visit Rosa's Fresh Pizza for A Slice of ISTE. I want to see some great ignite talks, learn from amazing educators, eat some fabulous food, and catch up with friends. I want to remember to pace myself, but I also plan to sleep on the plane when I head home.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Getting Ready for Rockstar

Next week is CUE Rockstar La Jolla. It's sold out, but there are a few camps that still have spots. I'll add the registration link at the end of this post. 

I love the days before a CUE Rockstar camp. The excitement is building, the emails are flying, the websites are building, the shred slides are sliding. This is my teacher leader pals at their best, donating their time (yeah, we do this for free) to get ready to create a fabulous hands on learning experience for our fellow educators, the real rockstars.

As usual, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone with my sessions. I'll be doing one I love and am very familiar with, Bodacious Blogging, another that I am passionate about, but need to spend some time putting together, Writing For Technical Subjects, and a third based on a chapter of my book (with Diana Neebe), Rethinking Class Time. (The book is Power Up: Making the shift to 1:1 Teaching and Learning, the session is based on Chapter 9: Rethinking Class Time.) Since those last two sessions are things I know well from the teacher side, but haven't put together as workshops before I'll be dedicating some time to them this weekend.

When I show up next week I get to meet lots of awesome teachers, who are probably also out of their comfort zones. (They are also likely there to learn without being paid, and many are paying for their own registration and travel costs.) They will spend three days in hands on sessions, making, experimenting, playing, networking, planning, collaborating, eating (oh, there will be eating) and sharing. When they leave their heads will be full of new possibilities, their twitter feeds will be full of new friends, and their phones will be full of apps, pictures, contacts, movies, and memes. Call them educational missionaries with a zeal for learning and a desire to improve the way we educate our students, or just call them rockstars.

Want to see what it's all about? A few camps still have spots left. Register for CUE Rockstar. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Delay Your Re-Tweet To Spread It Further

I'll Re-Tweet This Later
This morning my friend Jen Wagner wrote a beautiful post encouraging those who are considered leaders in education to reach out, mentor, and encourage others. As Jen's posts always are, this one is graceful, elegant, and correct. She tweeted about her post a little more than an hour ago, and even though I love what she wrote I did not re-tweet her link. I will eventually, but not yet.

Her tweet was popular. It has nine retweets already and twelve favorites, one from me. I'm waiting on my retweet because Jen and I have many followers in common and nine retweets has probably already spread her message pretty far for this hour. If all of the retweets for Jen's tweet happen in the first hour, then people who log on much later are unlikely to see it. But in a few hours a whole new group of users will be looking at their twitter feeds. To help make sure more people see Jen's wonderful post I will retweet it later today.

This is the point of a delayed retweet. Only a fraction of Twitter users are looking at their feed at any one time. To spread a message wider I like to retweet slower.

This matters if I am trying to spread the word about an edcamp, a twitter chat, a conference, or a blog post. If it is informational and I want more people to know about it, I will wait an hour or two and then retweet. My method is to favorite the things I want to retweet, especially when I am browsing on my phone. Then when I sit down with my laptop later I check those favorites and retweet them.

Of course, it also helps to know when you should tweet for maximum exposure. Though our social media world is global, most of my followers generally share the same hemisphere, so a 3:00 PM tweet reaches more people than a 3:00AM tweet. You can find out when most of your followers are online from Tweriod. It tells me that on Sundays I have the most followers online right before noon, so that's when I will retweet Jen's message about her new blog post.

If you found this post through Twitter, please go ahead and retweet, just wait an hour first.